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Last update!  Sept 9th Update for Lecarde Chronicles 2 download the game in the same place.

Bug correction of the previous update. You can start now a normal game without RoF mode.

-Alucard Boss Rush
-Portguese brazilian added
-Some bugs and background corrections
-Added num key pad for keyboard play
-New RING OF FURY MODE with a Physical copy of the game to win ( It's the last one and there are only 37 worldwide ).


https://twitter.com/migami_games?lang=fr to know the rules.

Last update!  May 29th New artwork by Elric Lorfeuvre

  May 19th
Haunted Castle 2
Haunted Castle 3
Lost Valley
Can now be downloaded.

I'm sorry but for some reasons the public release of CASTLEVANIA THE LECARDE CHRONICLES  2 will be :

April 26th at 7:30 pm GMT


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Game's completion 90% A demo will be soon available.


Artwork by ELRIC

Efrain LC1                                Efrain LC2

Some great musics of the OST by Jeff Montoya:

Artwork added made by Green Stranger.

Visit the Green Stranger page in Devian Art


-Hi  :) everybody here is a preview of Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles 2.
The game will contain original songs by JEFFREY MONTOYA.

It's now an exploration game with a map and a subscreen system.
The game starts in the remains of ancient Rome after the meeting with the pope in 1781.The main action takes place in France in the late XVIII century.
The opening level is quite linear but after that there will be a lot of exploration.
There are toons of features i cwon't explain now as a the AURA BLAST system. It's a system where Efrain charges  HOLY or Von Viltheim energy to unleash a special attack or support.Etc.. etc..


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